Monticello Fall/Holiday 2022 Catalog

At Home Visual delights and creature comforts create an invi†ng space.



A. Hotel Pasquier Clock Inspired by Jefferson’s time in Paris‚ this wall clock features an antiqued brass rim‚ glass bezel‚ and visible moving pendulumƒ ‡•¢ diaƒ — ¡ ¤‰ „‘Ž† B. Marble Accent Lamp An unexpected mix of marble and brass accents makes this lamp a standoutƒ The tall‚ narrow base and tailored shade give it a sleek‚ modern look to complement any tableƒ Linen drum shadeƒ ‡ ‹watt max bulbƒ ‰ ¦½¢hƒ — ž—‰‰ „ Œ† NEW

Monticello ® Flatware Arriving in Paris in ‡¤—•‚ Jefferson purchased fiddle and thread pattern flatware that he used for the rest of his lifeƒ Adapted by Reed & Barton in ‡—/‡ stainless steel‚ the • ‹piece set includes ¡‹piece place settings for eightƒ MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE


„ ¤‡ • ‹Piece flatware set „•’• „ ‡— ¡‹Piece place setting „’†

„ „‡ •‹Piece hostess set „’† ‡view onlineˆ „‡‡‡ž ‰‹Piece serving set „’† ‡view onlineˆ



C. Monticello ® Parisian Marble Table Around ‡¤—ž‚ Jefferson designed a small marble‹topped table to use next to his bedside in his house in Parisƒ Using Jefferson’s drawing‚ curators recreated this table‚ which is on display in his bedchamber at Monticelloƒ „¤¢hƒ — ¡ •„ „—†• MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE D. Artichoke Tulipiere Popular in the ‡¤ th and ‡— th centuries‚ the tulipiere creates a beautiful centerpiece on its ownƒ Featuring an artichoke design in ceramic‚ arrange flowers to create a unique displayƒ The top easily lifts off to fill with waterƒ ‡ ¢hƒ — ž—¤ „—† NEW

E. Monticello ® Stemware Our exquisite glasses speak volumes about Jefferson’s taste for fine designƒ Based on a rare surviving original‚ they’re mouth‹blown lead crystal‚ hand‹engraved with a sprig and wheel bandƒ Handmade glassƒ MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE ‡left to rightˆ „‡ ‰‡ Wine glass‚ —¢h‚ ¤ ozƒ „‘‘Š

„‡ ‰ Flute‚ ¥¢h‚ ¡ ozƒ „‘‘Š „‡ „¥ Cordial‚ ž¢h‚ ‰ ozƒ „††

F. Monticello ® Flatware Chest Inspired by the “Mahogany knife cases” that Jefferson used in his dining room at the White House‚ then called the President’s house‚ our handsome chest is made of mahogany with wood inlays and fluted accentsƒ Holds our complete • ‹piece flatware setƒ Protectively linedƒ ‡„¢ hƒ — ž¤ ž „Ž†† NEW MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE


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