Monticello Fall/Holiday 2022 Catalog

A. Monticello ® Seed Packet Box with Heirloom Seeds Organize seeds in this rustic‚ ten‹section cedar boxƒ Seed packs include ten varieties from the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants including Champion of England Pea‚ Rouge Demi‹Longue de Chantenay Carrot‚ Early Curled Siberian Kale‚ Swiss Chard “Mixed Colors‚” Long Red Cayenne Pepper‚ Jimmy NardelloÀs Sweet Pepper‚ Yellow Pear Tomato‚ Cherokee Purple Tomato‚ Long Green Improved Cucumber‚ and Scarlet Runner Beanƒ ž¢hƒ • ‰„‰ „Œ† MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE B. Monticello ™ Folding Plant Stand Featuring the Chinese Chippendale lattice design from Monticello’s Garden Pavilion‚ this multilevel folding plant stand is made of sturdy‚ powder‹coated steelƒ „ ¦¼¢h x „ ¢w when openƒ — ž‡¡‰ „’† MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE


E. Fluer De Lis Welcome Bell Our charming cast‹iron bell will delight those who enter your doorƒ ¤¢hƒ — ž—¤ž „Ž• NEW F. Birds, Bees & Butterflies Seed Collection Tin Attract desirable pollinators and birds with this collection of ten seed packsƒ Seeds includeš Arikara Sunflower‚ Cardinal Flower‚ English Lavender‚ Blanket Flower‚ Foxglove‚ Bachelor’s Button‚ Purple Coneflower‚ Lemon Bergamot‚ Plains Coreopsis‚ Butterfly Weedƒ ‡¥¡— — „Ž— MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE


C. ˇomas Jeƒerson’s Garden Book

A compilation of Jefferson’s horticultural diary and many of his letters and drawings detailing the planning‚ planting‚ successes‚ and failures of his ambitious‚ experimental gardens at Monticello and Poplar Forestƒ Hardbackƒ ¤ • pagesƒ ‡¥••—— „Œ†‹†• MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE



G. Warm-Season Vegetable Seed Collection Tin


Grow a variety of summer favorites in your garden with this collection of ten vegetable seeds including Swiss Chard °Mixed Colors±‚ Cymling °Patty Pan± Squash‚ Cayenne Pepper‚ Cherokee Purple Tomato‚ Brandywine Tomato‚ Long Green Improved Cucumber‚ Listada de Gandia Eggplant‚ Jimmy Nardello’s Sweet Pepper‚ Summer Crookneck Squash‚ Moon and Stars Watermelonƒ — „¤‡ „Ž— MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE H. Favorite Flowers Seed Collection Tin Enjoy ten Monticello annuals that bloom through the summerƒ Seeds includeš Corn Poppy‚ Love‹In‹A‹Mist‚ Globe Amaranth‚ Pot Marigold‚ Joseph’s Coat‚ Pincushion Flower‚ Cupani Sweet Pea‚ Cockscomb‚ Johnny‹Jump‹up‚ Sensitive Plantƒ ‡¥‰•¡‡ „Ž— MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE I. Monticello ™ Garden Boot Tray A great addition to your entry hall‚ this raised‚ ornamental motif evokes ‡— th ‹century European garden designsƒ Steel construction

D. Monticello ® Lemon Zest Gift Set


Our private label hand soap and hand lotion have refreshing‚ invigorating aromas‚ like many of the herbs and fruit trees Jefferson plantedƒ The soap is infused with lemon balm‚ spices‚ and shea butter‚ while the lotion is lemon‹infused with olive oil and vitamin Eƒ ‡ž ozƒ eachƒ Metal bottle holderƒ — ¡¥‰• „Ž† MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE

with rust‹resistant finishƒ ‰ ¢l x ‡‰¢dƒ — ‰—¡„ „’• MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE



I ‰ŠŠ‹ ŒŽ‹‘’ŒŽ ‘†


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