Monticello Fall/Holiday 2022 Catalog


ˇermometer & Hygrometer Wall Clock

A. Monticello ® Tulip Poplar Pen Created from the tulip poplars that once stood on Monticello’s West Lawn‚ this handcrafted‚ ballpoint twist pen preserves these historic treesƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ ¡¢lƒ „ ¤¤—¤ „‘Ž† MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE

Made of solid cherry woodƒ Requires one AA battery °not included±ƒ ‡„¦¾¢hƒ — ž—¥¥ „†• NEW

B. Monticello ™ Marble Phone/Tablet Holder

Made of genuine marble‚ our holder features the Jefferson quote “Knowledge is Power” etched into the baseƒ Hole allows for charging cables at the bottomƒ Works with a phone or tablet and is great for video meetingsƒ •¦½¢hƒ — ž¥ „’† NEW MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE C. Leather Eyeglass Stand This handsome‚ weighted leather case makes finding your glasses easyƒ Features a microfiber suede lining to protect your lensesƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ Gift boxedƒ ž¦¼¢hƒ — ¡‡¥¥ „‘‘Š D. Mahogany Desk Caddy Richly finished mahogany makes a singular holder for pens‚ pencils‚ scissors‚ and stationeryƒ ¤½¢hƒ ¤ „ ¥ „‘ • E. Jeƒerson & Hamilton Socks When Jefferson clashed with Hamilton the Federalist‚ an argument commenced that’s still relevant todayƒ Make an amusing sartorial statement of your own by either choosing sides or mixing and matching these great political rivalsƒ Fits men’s shoe sizes ¤‹‡‰ƒ



Folding Library Steps Useful for reaching books on a high shelf‚ the lower steps fold inward for storage‚ creating a handy side tableƒ Solid mahoganyƒ „‰¦½¢hƒ ‡‡• ‰¤ „Ž’•



Declaration Glasses ‡„ ozƒ glasses feature etched phrases from the Declaration of Independence‚ and signatures of John Adams‚ Ben Franklin‚ John Hancock‚ and Thomas Jeffersonƒ Gift boxedƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ Set of •ƒ — ¡žž‡ „‰† MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE

— „‡¥‰ Jefferson „‘‰ — „„ ž Hamilton „‘‰ — „¤ ¥ Set of both pairs „ŽŠ

F. Monticello ® Men’s Collection Enriched with shea and cocoa butter‚ the five‹ piece set includes a žƒ‰¡ ozƒ bar soap blended with wheat bran and apricot seed‚ a ‡ž ozƒ three‹in‹one shampoo‚ shower‚ and shave formula‚ and a ‡ž ozƒ body scrub blended with exfoliating cocoa bean shell‚ and apricot seedƒ Also included is a ‡ž ozƒ shea butter lotion and a fragrance‹free ƒ‰¡ ozƒ beeswax lip balmƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ — ž‰¡„ „—† MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE


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