Monticello Fall/Holiday 2022 Catalog



A. Pinecone Diƒuser Ornament Perfect for faux Christmas trees‚ this ceramic ornament naturally absorbs and diffuses scentƒ Simply add a few drops of the Douglas fir fragrance oil °‡ ml± to create the smell of a festive winter wonderlandƒ Gift boxedƒ Ornamentš ‰¢hƒ — ž—¤¡ „ • NEW B. Monticello ® Reversible Silk Magnolia Scarf Our scarf features original artwork of Sweet Bay magnolia blooms on both sides for two beautiful looks in oneƒ ‰•¢ sqƒ ‡ % silkƒ Importedƒ — ž¥¤„ „‘ Š NEW MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE C. Monticello ® Botanical Winter Soaps French‹milled‚ floral‹scented „ƒ¤¡ ozƒ soaps are individually wrapped with holiday motifs and beautifully gift‹boxedƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ „ƒ¤¡ ozƒ eachƒ Set of žƒ — ¡‡„‰ „‘‰ MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE D. Monticello ® Embroidered Friends Pillow This cotton velvet embroidered pillow will add a welcoming touch to any chair or sofa in your homeƒ Poly‹filled with solid ivory backingƒ Importedƒ ‡„¢ x —¢ƒ — ž‰‰ „Ž• MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE

Cashmere Topper Made of superfine Mongolian cashmere in a „‹ply yarn‚ the feel of this topper is luxuriously soft à and the styling options are limitlessƒ Wear it as a poncho or a scarf ¹ and more! „ ¢ longƒ Imported in Bloom Pink‚ Snow‚ Crimson‚ or Ebonyƒ One size fits mostƒ — ¡¥„‰ „‘•†


Monticello ® Evergreen Bath Collection Like walking through a forest of Fraser firs‚ the aromas of our bath collection are crisp‚ cool‚ and thoroughly invigoratingƒ Made with essential oils‚ the gift‹bagged set includes a luxurious ‡ž ozƒ hand soap‚ ž ozƒ bar soap‚ ƒ‰¡ ozƒ lip balm‚ ‡ž ozƒ body scrub‚ ‡ž ozƒ lotion‚ and — ozƒ body butterƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ — ¡¥•¤ „—† MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE

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Monticello ® Pearl & Onyx Jewelry Featuring genuine freshwater pearls‚ faceted onyx‚ and an early European coin set in triple‹plated „•k gold for the necklace‚ our handmade jewelry collection is inspired by the fashions of ‡— th ‹century Europeƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ NEW MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE

— ž¥‡„ Necklace‚ ‰ ¢l „‘’† — ž¥‡‰ Bracelet‚ ¤¦½¢l „‰† — ž¥‡• Earrings‚ post back‚ „¢l „’†

D ‰ŠŠ‹ ŒŽ‹‘’ŒŽ Œ•

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