Monticello Fall/Holiday 2022 Catalog

A. Willow Plant Pyramids Similar to plant supports used in Monticello’s gardens‚ the pyramid trellis is made from willow branches secured with galvanized metal bradsƒ Providing sturdy support for peas‚ beans‚ tomatoes‚ and flowering vines‚ it conveniently collapses for winter storageƒ

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B. Monticello ™ Personalized Wind Chimes Designed and handcrafted for superior musical performance‚ our wind chimes have a wind catcher that can be personalized with one letterƒ Hand‹tuned to a universal‚ pentatonic °five‹note± scaleƒ ¡•¢ hƒ — ž—¡‡ „‘•† NEW MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE Allow  weeks for delivery C. Monticello ™ Plant Supports Support top‹heavy flowers and promote continuing upward growth of plants with these powder‹coated supports inspired by the hummingbirds and butterflies that visit Monticello’s gardensƒ Includes „•¢h‚ ‰ž¢h‚ and •ž¢h stakesƒ MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE — ž¡¥¥ Hummingbird‚ set of ‰ „Ž† — žž Monarch Butterfly‚ set of ‰ „Ž† D. Pineapple Welcome Mat Made of natural coconut shell fiber coir‚ this vibrant welcome mat features the popular pineapple‚ which has been known as a symbol of hospitality for centuriesƒ Backed with skid‹resistant PƒVƒCƒ ‡—¢ x ‰ ¢ƒ — •ž¤• „Œ† MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE E. Garden Multi-Tool This one‹piece wonder trims‚ weeds‚ and snipsƒ Featuring ¤ different functions‚ including secateurs‚ root remover‚ knife‚ saw‚ screwdriver‚ bottle opener‚ and easy weeding utensil‚ itÀs finished in titanium and brassƒ ž¦½¢lƒ — ž—¥„ „Œ• NEW




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