Monticello Fall/Holiday 2022 Catalog

Back Scratcher Shoe Horn As handsome as it is useful‚ it’s designed extra‹long so you can scratch any part of your back as well as slip into shoes without bending overƒ Beechwood and resin‚ superbly handcrafted in Italyƒ „‡¢lƒ ¤ ‡‰„ „Œ•

Bison Leather Front Pocket Wallet Slim‚ lightweight‚ RFID‹blocking wallet is curved to fit perfectly in your front pocketƒ Holds ‡„ cards in ž slots‚ plus billfold and stash pocketƒ Durable bison leatherƒ Made in Maineƒ ¡¢ƒ — ¡ ž „‰•


A. Wooden Wristwatch This unique watch is made of zebrawood and black sandalwood with a stainless steel claspƒ Japanese quartz movementƒ Size‹adjusting tool includedƒ Nicely boxedƒ ‡¦¾¢ diaƒ faceƒ — ¡ ž¡ „‘ •

B. Monticello ™ Jeƒerson Everyday Shirt

Thomas Jefferson had a unique style of dress‚ and comfort was of utmost importanceƒ Inspired by one of his shirts in the Monticello ® collection‚ it’s made of pure‚ polished cotton and generously cutƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ Men’s sizes S °‡¤¢±‚ M °‡¤¦½¢±‚ L °‡—¦½¢±‚


XL °‡¥¦½¢±ƒ — •‡¥¥ „†•

Buƒalo Nickel Belt Make a statement with this handmade belt of supple‚ full‹grain leather accented with Buffalo Nickel coins crafted from originals issued by the UƒSƒ Mint from ‡¥‡‰‹‡¥‰—ƒ Even waist sizes ‰„‹•žƒ ‡¦³«₈¢wƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ — ž¥—‰ „‘ • NEW


C. Monticello ® Historic Flag Glasses Each of our beautifully etched ‡ ozƒ glasses feature “Life”‚ “Liberty”‚ “Freedom”‚ and “Happiness” flags and come in a finely finished‚ natural poplar wood boxƒ ¥¢ x ¤¦½¢ x •¢ƒ Set of • glassesƒ Made in UƒSƒAƒ — ž—¥¤ „†• NEW MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE

Gentleman’s Manicure Set Six stainless‹steel grooming essentials are organized in a waxed canvas billfold caseƒ Gift boxedƒ •¦½¢hƒ — „¡ž— „Œ•

Running Fox Socks & Belt Our handsome‚ US‹made belt combines Belgian surcingle strapping with top‹grain leather and a brass buckleƒ Our socks are a matching companion to the beltƒ — ž‰—ž Socks‚ men’s shoe sizes ¤¹‡‰ „‘‰ — ¡„ „ Belt‚ even waist sizes ‰„¹•„‚ ‡¦³«₈¢w „‰• MONTICELLO EXCLUSIVE

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C ‰ŠŠ‹ ŒŽ‹‘’ŒŽ Ž•

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